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Our Story

All Around Child, Center for Exploration and Development first opened its doors on August 2004 as a family-owned, operated, and oriented center serving children ages  6 weeks to 12 years of age.

As a program, All Around Child has consistently offered families a unique home away from home over the years.  Our curriculum is strongly based on educational achievement, the development of well-rounded social skills, and an introduction to the arts.  Our state-of-the-art facilities are not only child-friendly, safe, and inviting but also fun and full of constant adventure. 

Our program has remained unique because we are constantly being inspired by the children.  By their passion to discover something new, to build something beyond their wildest imaginations, and to see that they can do almost anything they want to if they only try.  It is that passion that over the years has brought us to the influence of the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education.

Unlike standardized curriculum models, the Reggio approach to Early Childhood is not a model that is intended to be copied. The intent is that Reggio schools are to act as a mirror in which other schools can see themselves. As we look at our reflection, we challenge our assumptions and question our practice. There are many approaches to early childhood education, and as educators, we must choose from the possibilities.

So when we ask ourselves as educators that final question of what kinds of schools and what kinds of teachers these children need, we find ourselves being inspired to bring it to them.  They need a constant Window of Opportunity.  They need choices, risk-taking, problem-solving, and hands-on everyday world experiences.  These are things you cannot learn from sitting at a desk, but rather you learn them by doing, asking questions, and reflecting upon the outcomes.  By constantly revisiting that mirror as educators, we find new ways to meet every child’s needs and level of development.  Each time the child looks back into the mirror, they see new opportunities to help them grow into capable adults that are not afraid to use their potential to think outside of the box.  They too are continuously Inspired.

At All Around Child, we want your child and your family to look into the Window of Opportunity and be Inspired.  Our desire is for your child to build connections and relationships that will write their story.  Their stories will forever remain a part of the story of All Around Child, like pieces to a puzzle, each piece being important and bringing strength to the group because he or she has a place to fill.

To learn more about All Around Child schedule a tour with us.

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